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Why are we offering the SAME quality products for less than it costs to make them?
- Because we meant it when we said that EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS and even small sales can help us buy something to fill up our backpacks and be a blessing to a child in foster care.
So take advantage of our HUGE SALE and get something for yourself or surprise someone special with a handcrafted ‘just because’ gift that makes a difference in the life of a child.

  • The Zoe

    Love, Mom is not only beautifully crafted earrings, but the meaning behind it all is what makes this company beautiful! The earrings are incredibly lightweight and beautifully made with quality materials. The person behind the scene is even more beautiful, and I highly recommend anything handmade with love. You can request special designs, but most of the time, there is a little bit of every style, so you won’t need to!

  • Halloween Collection

    I love my earrings! I got lots of compliments while wearing them, and they are very light. Love, Mom’s earrings are great for those with sensitive ears like me, and the quality is superb. Every time I receive a package from Love, Mom with a personalized message makes me feel special. I 100% recommend and will continue to purchase from this great seller for a great cause.

  • Emma Collection

    I want to thank Love, Mom, for my beautiful earrings. They arrived shortly after ordering. They are beautiful and of very good quality. Bere is a very kind woman with a big heart. I love what she does, I support her, and I am proud of her because she is an example of admiration for all of us women.

  • The Sharon

    I am obsessed with Love, Mom earrings. The mission behind it made it a “heart” purchase for me, but the style and one-of-a-kind design of them made it a “fashion” purchase. There is nothing cooler than buying something you love while knowing that it is making a difference.

  • Emma Collection

    My Faves! 🖤 The meaning behind these reminds me of the unique beauty of each person’s journey…the good and the hard. There are rays of hope and joy with every sunrise. I get compliments every time I wear them! 

  • The Emily

    This is one of the greatest missions I have ever participated in. I love the person that created it and all that it represents. And I can't say enough about the Love, Mom earrings. They are totally an awesome product.

  • The Susan

    Love, Mom produces stylish light weigh earrings that are made with LOVE! The heart of the Bere, owner of Love, Mom, is displayed in each piece she makes! Do yourself and a foster child in need a favor and purchase these beautiful earrings! You won’t be disappointed, and some little child will feel loved because of you!

  • Jill's Rocks

    They are my new favorite earrings! They are unique, and I love sharing with others where I got my earrings from. I support Love, Mom because when I was a kid, I needed support, and this mom is finding a way to help so many while making others look beautiful, by adding that final piece to their outfit!!

  • Brianne

    I love these! They are beautifully handmade and so light on my ears. I just love what Love, Mom is doing for the kids in foster care.

  • Opal Collection

    The pieces I have gotten are super cute, durable, and great for people with sensitive skin (such as myself). The cherry on top is that I got to support an amazing cause! It takes a village to raise children, and with every pair of earrings you buy, you help build a village for foster kids. Shop Love, Mom, and you will not be disappointed.