About Us

Hey, I am Bere, the proud owner of Love, Mom Designs. I am a homeschooling momma to three phenomenal kids, one of whom I had the blessing of adopting. Although only three children live in our home today, that number varies significantly from time to time as we have the opportunity to walk alongside bio parents and their beautiful babies as they go through the horrible chapters of foster care.

My husband and I have met good, loving parents who needed the love and support of the people around them to help them start a new chapter in life. They needed a village, and we’re glad to be a part of their village even after their little ones have returned home.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Most cases are ugly, painful, and messy. Most days, a child entering the foster care system arrives at a stranger's house with a heart full of fear and a mind full of uncertainty and nothing but a trash bag that holds whatever little they can still call their own in this world. On other days they enter the system with nothing but their fear of what happens next.

There was once a moment in which our family was struggling financially. At the moment, I didn’t fear my children’s needs being met, as I knew their basic needs were covered.

I did, however, realize at that moment that if I were to get a call asking me to foster a child that same week, I would have to turn them down because I didn’t have the financial surplus to provide for a child that walked into our home with nothing more than a trash bag and a broken heart.

The thought of this literally brought me to tears, and at that moment, I promised I would never be in a situation where I could not help a child in need due to finances. That’s how Love, Mom came to be.
This business and everything I hope to accomplish through it will be my love letter 💌 to children in the Foster Care System. With your help, I will not only provide for the children that enter our home, but I intend to make sure kids in our community have more than a trash bag to call their own as they transition into the scary world of being foster children.

Unfortunately, the need is too big for one person with good intentions to fulfill. That's where YOU come in! Your kindness and desire to make a difference will help us achieve these goals.

Just in case no one has told you: I'm proud of you and everything you do with love in your heart has the power to change a life!
Love, Mom ❤️